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  Firmly establishing the concept of “Building an image through environmental protection, increasing benefits through energy saving and emission reduction” in the development process, Hangmin has thoroughly implemented Scientific Outlook on Development, actively promoted energy saving and emission reduction, and strived to clean production. Till now, many of its enterprises have been successfully passed the examination and acceptance of clean production, and basically established green production system. All enterprises gradually adjust and optimize the structure, continuously conduct technological transformation, upgrade production technology and equipment and carry out deep-going benchmarking; making great efforts to control "three wastes" and ensure the up-to-standard release, the Company has successively completed sewage treatment project, setter smog controlling and transforming and thermal desulphurization renovation project, improved resource utilization, persisted in conducting boiler waste heat and water reuse, setter exhaust gas and waste heat utilization, mercerized light alkali recovery, alkali reduction wastewater extracting terephthalic acid, fly ash recycling and so on.