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Sales pattern

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  • Time of issue:2020-09-04 10:31:27
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  Zhejiang Hangmin Stock Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in printing and dyeing. Thermal power, weaving and dye products are also within its business scope. The business pattern consists of entrusted printing and dyeing, printing and dyeing of self-produced grey cloth, and printing and dyeing of outsourcing grey cloth, in which entrusted printing and dyeing is our primary business pattern.

  Based on the characteristics of entrusted printing and dyeing, we believe that the dispersed and face-to-face marketing pattern is most suitable for printing and dyeing industry. Sales volume is the examining criterion on sales person. "Customer's satisfaction and added value" is the essence of marketing value.

  Our present market scope spreads over the whole country. We also have trade companions in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and America, which further strengthen our advantage in competition.

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