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Zhejiang Hangmin Stock Co., Ltd.

  Zhejiang Hangmin Stock Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), established in January 1998 and located in Hangmin Industrial Park of Xiaoshan, was listed at the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Securities Code 600987) on August 9, 2004. Now, staffed with 7,914 employees, it has a registered capital of RMB423.54 million and total assets of RMB1.669 billion. In 2008, the Company realized an annual sales income of RMB1.87 billion (consolidated accounts) with a comparative growth rate of 7.86%, and operating profit of RMB174 million with a comparative growth rate of 23.80%, which is the highest in history.

  Relying on institutional innovation, technological innovation and management innovation since its establishment, Hangmin Stock has been constantly promoting its main business and formed a robust and efficient industrial chain giving priority to printing & dyeing and supported by thermal electricity, weaving and dyes. Persisting in the operation policy of “Quality First, Reputation First”, all economic and technical indexes of its main business, including textile printing & dyeing, are leading in the industry, and the Company has come out on top in the ranking of “Top Ten Enterprises” of China Dyeing and Printing Industry Association for many years. Its “Feihang” printing & dyeing products have passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System, and become Qualified Products of National Product Quality Supervision and Spot Checks. “Feihang” fiber blended fabrics, high facsimile fabrics, printed fabrics, etc. enjoy a high reputation in the market, are sold like hotcakes nationwide (mainly purchased by well-known brand clothing enterprises) and exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, North America, European Union, Hong Kong, Macao and so on. Besides, some products have also obtained OeKo-Tex Standard 100 Green Certification, and won exemption export to Europe.

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