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The "right" talent. In premise of identity Hangmin culture, as long as the job demand in line with Air China, can contribute to the development of Air China, is Air China talent.

  Staff is Air China's core resources, active work, Air China employees are highly responsible for the greatest wealth. Requirements of recognition the Hangmin culture at the Air China Culture serious work, the practical man, the sole criterion for inspection "Air China".

  Employing the concept: character first, expertise and resources.

  Employing principles: openness, fairness and impartiality.

  Air China to follow the law of value, seek truth from facts, and the introduction of external market pressures and fair competition mechanism within the enterprise, and the establishment of a fair and objective valuation system and continuous improvement. Measure the distribution of benefits reasonableness of the final standard, which is the company's competitiveness and achievements, as well as all the staff morale and sense of belonging to the company.